Tullybeth and the Lost Orphans

When a wealthy man and wife arrived and spoke about opening an elite academy welcoming all of Turnberry Swamp’s children, the tiny town was suspicious. But, in a short while, they were won over by the couple’s promises to put Turnberry Swamp on the map and make it a prosperous community. Nestled in a lush forest bordering pristine shoreline, it was the perfect setting to educate Turnberry’s youth about living off the land.


The townspeople really should have trusted their gut.


It is rumored that terrible things happened at The Turnberry Academy of Eternal Youth. Most of the children who entered never returned home. Could this all be related to the curse Black Caesar brought to this town the moment he set foot on its very shore?


As Tullybeth questions townspeople, she gathers clues that will help her find this adandoned school, hoping that she can find the children who were lost so long ago. If the walls could talk, they would reveal the damaging secrets that have been hidden there for more than half a century. 


Fortunately for Tullybeth, the walls do talk. 


And they’ve been waiting for her.





It is believed that almost 200 years ago a pirate known as Black Caesar stumbled upon Florida’s shores searching for a place to hide his treasure.

Shortly after he set foot on land, he disappeared without a trace.

Turnberry Swamp, as it is now known, is not only the last known location of Black Caesar, but also fertile ground to plant some of the town's oldest and darkest secrets. Its residents would sacrifice anything not to reveal their exciting and mysterious history to outsiders, and no one dare mention Black Caesar's treasure, that is, until Tullybeth moves to town.


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